Page Acres in Genealogy Books

Page Acres appears in at least 88 genealogy books

Here are the top genealogy books for Page Acres

Homestead patents 1902-1910 : Stephens County, Oklahoma

Miscellaneous records, Iroquois Co., Il., Vol. 1

Minutes of the Board of Property of the province of Pennsylvania; ser. 02, v. 19

Akers family workbook; v. 02

Pennsylvania archives. Second series. V. 19

Abstracts of wills in Charles and St. Mary's counties, Maryland, 1744- 1772 : from books 24 to book 38 inclusive, except book 31, part 1 & 2, and for records from this book, see abstracts of this book, refer to this number

Wills of Washington County, Kentucky : 1792-1858

Supplement #1 to Peter Shaklee genealogy 1756-1990

The census of Iowa as returned in the year 1875 : thirteenth state census, 1875

Maryland genealogies and historical recorder - v. 11 (Aug. 1942)

The Dulin family America

Finding your forefathers in America

Lyon and Thompson genealogy : Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia pioneers

Daniel McPherson, Sr.; ca. 1682-1755

Virginia county records

Archives of Maryland

Boddie and allied families

Watertown records

Maury County, Tennessee, deed abstracts : volume 1, books A, B, and C

List of lands granted by the crown in the province of Qu├ębec from 1763 to 31st December 1890. V. 2

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