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San Francisco, California, city directory

Abstracts from orphans' minutes book #1 1833-1839 Sumter County, Alabama,July 1933-1839

Texas state gazetteer and business directory. - 1882-83

Genealogy of the Ayres family of Fairfield County, Conn.

The Stirlings of Keir, and their family papers

The family of Captain Henry Key of Virginia/South Carolina : 1730-1776; v. 01

Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York

A discourse on western planting, written in the year 1584

The last abbot of Glastonbury and his companions, an historical sketch

Missions : a Baptist monthly magazine - v. 7, no. 10 (Nov. 1916)

Cambridgeshire parish registers, marriages. V. 5

The hatchet : being the ... year book of Washington University - 1932

The magazine of American history with notes and queries

The 1840 Iowa census

Abstract of pensions of South Carolina soldiers of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian wars V. 2

The Portland directory and reference book

A list of the freeholders in Cheshire, in the year 1578

1851 census of Eastern Cherokee Indians, known as the Drennen Roll

The journal of American history (Associated Publishers of American Records), vol. 10, pts 1 and 4

Maryland Quaker (Friends) records of Third Haven (Tred Avon), Talbot County; v. 3, pt. 4

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