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Additional Colledge and Orme notes

Haynes eagle : a genealogical research bulletin of the Haynes Surname Association - v. 7, no. 3, (Sep 1973)

World War I veterans : Washington County, Wisconsin, vol. 9

Rutland County record : reform, progress, independence, Fair Haven, Vermont - v. 1, no. 33 (1888)

Arizona Sisters Project; Vol. P

Who's who in the clergy, 1935-36

Obituaries from the Sullivan daily times; v. 1937

The Fullertons of North America

The family name of Ison, 1810-1970

Johnson County North, KS Polk city directory - 2008

The Sisco family history, Vol. 2

West Virginia state gazetteer and business directory

Maryland marriage records, Vol. 9

The American genealogical index, Vol. 12

The American genealogical index, Vol. 44

Ray researchers : (and various spellings: Rae, Rea, Rhea, Wray, etc.), No. 26

The American genealogical index, Vol. 10

D.A.R. patriot index

Venango County Pennsylvania : her pioneers and people : embracing a general history of the County

[Bruce Wood Quaker genealogy collection]; Vol. 2D

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