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Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society

Nottingham parish registers. Marriages. V. 1

A history of the Knights of Malta, or The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

Patent rolls of the reign of Henry III preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. 4. 1247-1258

An historical narrative of the Ely, Revell and Stacye families : who were among the founders of Trenton and Burlington in the province of New Jersey, 1678-1683, with the genealogy of the Ely descendants in America

Ancestors and descendants of Katie Hale Barnes : paternal line -- Hale, Bourne, Burwell, Johnstone, Jones; maternal line - Fuston Jones, VanMetre, Bayless and other allied families

York deeds; Vol. 18

Outside the Barnwell gate

Notes and queries

The Bergen family [MICROFILM]: or the descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the early settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L. I., with notes on the genealogy of some of the branches of the Cowenhoven, Voorhees, Eldert, Stoothoff, Cortelyou, Stryker, Suy

Notes and queries

A history of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Revised history of Harlem (city of New York), origin and early annals, prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands, or notices of its founders before emigration : also sketches of numerous families and the recovered history of the land-titles

Octavo publications

The American historical review

Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series, Vol. 12

Genealogy exchange - no. 22 Jun 1948

A student's history of England

Lincolnshire wills

Transactions (Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society) - v. 8 (1899)

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