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Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790 : New York

A genealogical record of the descendants of John & Mary Palmer of Concord, Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa. ..

Some Temple pedigrees, a genealogy of the known descendants of Abraham Temple, who settled in Salem, Mass. in 1636 : to which is added genealogies of Temple families settling in Reading, Mass.; Chester Co., Pa.; Ayletts, Va.; Galway, N.Y. and elsewhere : also brief genealogies of families connected by marriage with the foregoing, viz: Eames, Case, Welch, Kellum, Campbell, Wilson, Hiatt, Spay, Cook, Tredway and Murdock

Studies in Anglo-Jewish history

Trow's general directory of the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx, city of New York

Index of Revolutionary War pension applications; Vol.01

A memorial history of Peter Bitsche : and a complete family register of his lineal descendants and those related to him by intermarriage, from the year 1767 to 1892; chronologically arranged; with an appendix of those not received in time for t

Genealogy of the Burbank family : and the families of Bray, Wellcome, Sedgley (Sedgeley) and Welch

Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia : called out by the governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the War of 1812-14

A genealogical history of Robert Adams of Newbury, Mass., and his descendants, 1635-1900

Surname index (Soundex) files; Rai-Sto

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey, Vol. 39

A genealogical history of Robert Adams of Newbury, Mass., and his descendants, 1635-1900

Genealogical sketches of Robert and John Hazelton and some of their descendants with brief notices of other New England families bearing this name

The State of New Hampshire, rolls of the soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775, to May, 1777; Vol. 01

New York in the Revolution as colony and state

Index of wills, inventories, etc. in the office of the Secretary of State prior to 1901; vol.01

[New Hampshire provincial and state papers]

Moses Vail of Huntington, L.I., showing his descent from Joseph (2) Vail, son of Thomas Vail at Salem, Massachusetts, 1640 : together with collateral lines, and with additions and corrections to both H.H. Vail's "Jeremiah Vail family" (pub.1902

History of the town of Medfield, Massachusetts, 1650-1886 : with genealogies of the families that held real estate or made any considerable stay in the town during the first two centuries

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