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American newspapers, 1821-1936 : a union list of files available in the United States and Canada

DeArmond families of America ... : and related families

The National dean's list - 9th ed., v. 2 (1985/86)

U. S. Army register - v. 1 (1959)

Ministerial directory of the Presbyterian Church, U. S., 1861-1941

Registers of Danish estate probates, Svendborg county

United States official postal guide - Jan. 1902

Jefferson City (Missouri) city directories - 1977

Hale family

Index to the Ulysses S. Grant papers

Savitar - 1964

Cambridgeshire parish registers, marriages. Index

The compendium of American genealogy : the standard genealogical encyclopedia of the first families of America.; Vol. 5

Blue Key directory of the University of South Carolina - 1979/80

Lincoln, day by day : a chronology, 1809-1865, Vol. 3

Register of Danish estate probates, Frederiksborg county

An accompaniment to Mitchell's reference and distance map of the United States : containing an index of all the counties, districts, townships, towns, &c., in the Union, together with an index of the rivers; by which any county, district, township, &c., or river may be found on the map without difficulty; also a general view of the United States, and the several states and territories; with an account of the actual and prospective internal improvements throughout the union; the whole, in connexion with the map, illustrating the geography, topography, and statistics of the Union, in a more complete and satisfactory manner than has been hitherto attempted

Logan County, Illinois cemetery inscriptions, Vol. 3

Cemetery records, Garfield County, Oklahoma; v. 02

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