Michael Abraham in Genealogy Books

Michael Abraham appears in at least 327 genealogy books

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The Humphreys family in America

The Chicago city directory for 1902

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 29

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

"Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series, Vol. 15, pt 2"

Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, v. 5

Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series. V. 15 pt. 1

History of Centre and Clinton counties, Pennsylvania

New York City directory - 1849-1850

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey, Vol. 38

Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, Virginia : records of the state enumerations: 1782 to 1785

A genealogy of the lineal descendants of William Wood who settled in Concord, Mass., in 1638 : containing also revolutionary and other records

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

San Francisco, California, city directory

Boston, Massachusetts, city directory

New York in the Revolution as colony and state

Index of wills, inventories, etc. in the office of the Secretary of State prior to 1901; vol.01

Muster rolls of the Pennsylvania volunteers in the War of 1812-1814 : with contemporary papers and documents; ser. 02, v. 12

Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series. V. 08

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) city directory

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