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Roster of the Society Sons of the Revolution in the state of California

"Weyand & Reed's Beaver County centennial directory : containing a complete list of the names of all taxable inhabitants, their occupations, place of residence and post office, names of the county officers and their terms of service from 1803 to"

Roll of membership and ancestors

The Gentleman's and citizen's almanack ... for the year

Hawaiian directory and hand book of the kingdom of Hawaii - 1888

The Gentleman's and citizen's almanack ... for the year

The statistics and gazetteer of New Hampshire : containing descriptions of all the counties, towns and villages, also, boundaries and area of the state, and its natural resources

The Gentleman's and citizen's almanack ... for the year


The British Empire in America : containing the history of the discovery, settlement, progress and state of the British colonies on the continent and islands of America

Biographical directory of the railway officials of America for 1887 : a record of the railway service of the principal officers of American railways ; a supplement giving recent changes and appointments; an alphabetical list of all general and

G. W. Hawes' Indiana State gazetteer and business directory

The Colonial records of North Carolina : published under the supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the General Assembly. V. 23

'Annual reports of the town officers of Westminster : for the year ending 1927-1932

Schermerhorn genealogy and family chronicles

Directory and handbook of the Kingdom of Hawaii

Sands's Sydney and suburban directory

Fort Wayne, Indiana, city directory

The jurisprudence of the Privy Council, containing a digest of all the decisions of the Privy Council; a sketch of its history; notes on the constitution of the judicial committee; a summary of its procedure and also three appendices

General register of the officers and alumni, 1873-1904

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