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The Lovejoy genealogy, with biographies and history, 1460-1930 : especially recording the American descendants and the English ancestry of John Lovejoy (1622-1690) of Andover, Mass., and Joseph Lovejoy (1684-1748) of Prince George County, Md., but also embracing all known data on other persons bearing the Lovejoy name, whether or not identified with the emigrant ancestors

The parish register of Emley in the county of York, 1600-1836

The American genealogical index, Vol. 23

Vital records of Billerica, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

Vital records of Andover, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849, Vol. 1

A history of Framingham, Massachusetts, including the plantation, from 1640 to the present time : with an appendix containing a notice of Sudbury and its first proprietors; also a register of the inhabitants of Framingham before 1800, with gene

New England captives carried to Canada between 1677 and 1760, during the French and Indian wars

Athena - 1953

Francis Epes, his ancestors and descendants

A history of the Adams and Evarts families

Dorset records

Vital records of Sudbury, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

Cambridgeshire parish registers, marriages. V. 2

Report to the Jennings Association

A report of the Record Commissioners of the city of Boston; Vol. 36

Ancient landmarks of Plymouth

Cowdrey, Cowdery, Cowdray genealogy : William Cowdery of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1630, and his descendants

Vital records of Williamstown, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

Upton family records : being genealogical collections for an Upton family history

History of the town of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire : from the time of the first settlement within its borders, 1640 until 1900; Vol. 01

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