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A genealogical history of the Earldom of Sutherland : from its origin to the year 1630-with a continuation to the year 1651 by Gilbert Gordon

Inverurie and the earldom of the Garioch : a topographical and historical account of the Garioch, from the earliest times to the Revolution settlement, with a genealogical appendix of Garioch families flourishing at the period of the Revolution

History of the clan Gregor, from public records and private collections; comp. at the request of the Clan Gregor society

History of the clan Gregor : from public records and private collections, Vol. 2. 1625-1774

Memorials of four old families : viz: Campbell of Kilmartin; Gordon of Lesmoir; Irvine of Drum; Wimberley of South Witham & Beechfield ; with pedigrees and a few illustrations

The history of the ancient, noble, and illustrious family of Gordon, from their first arrival in Scotland, in Malcolm III.'s time, to the year 1690 : together with the history of the most remarkable transactions in Scotland, from the beginnign of Robert I. his reign, to that year 1690, containing the space of about 400 years, all faithfully collected from ancient and modern, Scots and foreign historians, manuscripts, records, and registers of this nation, in two volumes

"Aberdeen journal" notes and queries

Letters and journals

The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ..

An ecclesiastical history of Scotland from the introduction of Christianity to the present time

History of the house and clan of Mackay : containing, for connection and elucidation, besides accounts of many other Scottish families, a variety of historical notices, more parti- cularly of those relating to the northern division of Scotland during the most critical and interesting periods, with a genealogical table of the clan

The National gazetteer : a topographical dictionary of the British Islands compiled from the latest and best sources and illustrated with a complete county atlas and numerous maps

The family of Burnett of Leys, with colateral branches : from the mss. of the late George Burnett

A history of the highlands and of the highland clans, Vol. 1

The family of Burnett of Leys : with collateral branches

The history of Scotland, its Highlands, regiments and clans

A history of the Scottish Highlands Highland clans and Highland regiments

The miscellany of the Spalding Club

Records of old Aberdeen

History of the Scottish Highlands : Highland clans and Highland regiments, with an account of the Gaelic language, literature, and music

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