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The registers of Whitburn, in the county of Durham : baptisms, 1611-1812, marriages, 1579-1812, burials, 1579-1812; Vol. 10

Hampshire parish registers, marriages. V. 15

The registers of St. Mary, in the South Bailey, in the City of Durham : baptisms, 1560-1812, mariages, 1559-1812, burials, 1559-1812; Vol. 17

Nottinghamshire parish registers, marriages. V. 15

The Parish register of Lythe vol. 4-11 1754-1837; v. 4, v. 11

Scottish Record Society. [Publications]

The register book of marriages belonging to the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, in the county of Middlesex : Marriages, 1788-1809

Early Southards of New York and New Jersey

The parish register of Kensington, Co., Middlesex, from A.D. 1539-A.D. 1675; Vol. 16

Parish of Holyroodhouse or Canongate, register of marriages, 1564-1800


The registers of St. Benet and St. Peter, Paul's Wharf, London, 1607-1837; Vol. 41

Nottinghamshire parish registers. Marriages


The quiet adventures in America, Channel Island settlers in the American colonies and in the United States

Derbyshire parish registers, marriages. V. 11

The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh, 1595-1700

Tennessee records : Bible records and marriage bonds

The Parish register of lythe vol. 1, 2, 3 1619-1768 : (Bishop's transcripts 1619-1640); v. 1, v. 2, v.3

Index to marriage record : Allen County 1824 - 1920 inclusive

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