Louise Adopted in Genealogy Books

Louise Adopted appears in at least 12 genealogy books

Here are the top genealogy books for Louise Adopted

Kettenring family in America; Kettenring, Kettering, Kettring, Ketring, Ketron, Cattron, Catron

Corbridge and Black families

Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xxv): Hirtle, (Herbert) Rodney - Hirtle, Walter W.

Zachariah Ferriss genealogy, Vol. 6

The Maxson family : descendants of John Maxson and wife Mary Mosher of Westerly, Rhode Island

George Mason Adams and Martha Louise Devey : descendants and ancestors

Genealogy of The Bergey Family

Bauersachs family history and chronology

The descendants of Charles Glidden of Portsmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire

Descendants of Jacob Wells of Duplin County, North Carolina

The Desloge family in America, a genealogy

The George Aldrich genealogy, 1605-1971 : an attempt to trace, in both the male and the female lines, the posterity of George Aldrich, who came from Derbyshire, County Derby, England in the year 1631 to Dorchester, Colony of Massachusetts, vol. 2

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