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Lewisiana, or the Lewis letter

A history of Cleveland and its environs; the heart of new Connecticut

American women; the standard biographical dictionary of notable women

The Index library

Shropshire parish registers diocese of Hereford; Vol. 13

Kansas business directory - 2007

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

Kansas City, Kansas, city directory - 1967

Descendants of Bartholomew Jacoby

State census register : state & county censuses located at the Family History Library, Vol. 2. Kentucky-New York

An index to the wills and administrations (including the "infra" wills) now preserved in the Probate Registry at Chester, for the years 1801-1810, both inclusive

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

A history of the Beason--Beeson family in the line of Nathan Beason : his ancestors and descendants

New York in the Revolution as colony and state

A list of the Lancashire wills, proved within the archdeaconry of Richmond, and now preserved in the Court of Probate at Lancaster, from 1748 to 1812 : also a list of the wills proved in the peculiar of Halton, from A. D. 1615 to 1812; Vol. 66

Genealogical abstracts of Parry wills : proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury down to 1810, with the administrations for the same period

The monitor guide to post offices and railroad stations in the United States and Canada

Volunteer service in Army of Cumberland. : Pt. first. History of the volunteers from Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio, in the 101st O. V. I. ... Pt. second. List of the volunteers from Wakeman, O., the whole war. And their history since ... Pt. thi

Who's who in New York City and State

Poll tax book 1900, Boone County, Missouri

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