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A history of the church / translated from the German by Edward Cox

Short history of Germany

Annals of the Empire from the reign of Charlemagne

A Memorial of ancient British peity, or, A British martyrology : giving a short account of all such Britons as have been honoured of old amongst the saints, or have otherwise been renowned for their extraordinary peity and sanctity, to which is

Pinnock's improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England, from the invasion of Julius C├Žsar to the death of George II, with a continuation the the year 1858

The history of freemasonry : its antiquities, symbols, constitutions, customs, etc., embracing an investigation of the records of the organisations of the fraternity in England, Scotland, Ireland, British colonies, France, Germany and the United States ; derived from official sources

Origin and developments of Anglicanism: or, a history of the liturgies, homilies, articles, bibles, principles, and governmental system of the church of England

The pope and the church considered in their mutual relations : with reference to the errors of the high church party in England

The Church of England cleared from the charge of schism : upon testimonies of councils and fathers of the first six centuries

An ecclesiastical history of Great Britain; chiefly of England, from the first planting of Christianity, to the end of the reign of King Charles the Second; with a brief account of the affairs of religion in Ireland. Collected from the best ancient historians, councils, and records

A history of Germany : from the earliest period to the present time

The political, social, and literary history of Germany from the commencement to the present day

Pinnock's improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England : from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of George II, with a continuation to the year 1845, with questions for examination at the end of each section, besides a variety of valuable information, added throughout the work ..

Kingsbury genealogy : the genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Kingsbury of Dedham, Massachusetts, together with the descendants in several lines of Henry Kingsbury of Ipswich, Massachusetts and our Canadian cousins

History of the reformation

The history of the Council of Trent : in eight books. Whereunto is prefixt a discourse containing historical reflexions on councils, and particularly on the conduct of the Council of Trent, proving that the Protestants are not obliged to submit

The Methodist review

Kansas City, Kansas, city directory - 1950

Fayette facts (Fayette County, Illinois) - v. 4, no. 2 (June 1975)


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