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Obituaries index from the Leavenworth times, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1949

The Youngers' fight for freedom : a southern soldier's twenty years' campaign to open northern prison doors -- with anecdotes of war days / by W. C. Bronaugh , who spent the period from 1882 to 1902 to secure the release of Cole, Jim, and Bob Y

The Methodist review

Obituaries index from the Leavenworth times, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1948

The news from Milan, Rhine and old Telfair : 1807-1940, Vol. 5

"Ould Newbury": historical and biographical sketches

The Bernards of Abington and Nether Winchendon : a family history, Vol. 2

The Wolcott papers : correspondence and documents during Roger Wolcott's governorship of the colony of Connecticut, 1750-1754, with some of earlier date

The Lyman Stewart family history : co-founder of Unocal : including his two brothers, Milton Stewart and William Boyd Stewart, plus biographical data on Wallace L. Hardington, Thomas R. Bard, William W. Orcutt; Vol. 2

History of Worcester County, Massachusetts, 1879

McKinley and men of our times : together with the great questions with which they have been indentified and which are still pressing for solution

History of Mexico, Vol. 5

Des Moines, the pioneer of municipal progress and reform of the middle West : together with the history

Ould Newbury : historical and biographical sketches

The history of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut : from the settlement of the town in 1639 to 1818 V/2

Diary of Joshua Hempstead of New London, Connecticut : covering a period of forty-seven years, from September 1711 to November 1758

The Province and the states : a history of the province of Louisiana under France and Spain, and of the territories and states of the United States formed therefrom, Vol. 4

History of Kansas : from the first exploration of the Mississippi Valley to its admission into the Union, embracing concise sketch of Louisiana, American slavery and its onward march, the conflict of free and slave labor in the settlement of Ka

The Colonial records of North Carolina : published under the supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the General Assembly. V. 12

The Records of New Amsterdam from 1653 to 1674 Anno Domini, Vol. 6

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