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Kelly's directory of Monmouthshire and South Wales, 1920

"Aberdeen journal" notes and queries

The history of the ancient, noble, and illustrious family of Gordon, from their first arrival in Scotland, in Malcolm III.'s time, to the year 1690 : together with the history of the most remarkable transactions in Scotland, from the beginnign of Robert I. his reign, to that year 1690, containing the space of about 400 years, all faithfully collected from ancient and modern, Scots and foreign historians, manuscripts, records, and registers of this nation, in two volumes

York state tradition - v. 18, no. 3(Summer 1964)

The Scottish nation; or, The historical and genealogical account of all Scottish families and surnames

History of Trumbull and Mahoning counties

A history of the family of Bagot, of Bagots Bromley and Blithfield, Co. Stafford

Universal biography : containing a copious account, critical and historical, of the life and character, labors and actions of eminent persons, in all ages and countries, conditions and professions

Scottish notes and queries

The dictionary of national biography : from the earliest times to 1900; v. 08

Scottish notes and queries

York state tradition - v. 23, no. 3 (Summer 1969)

A complete history of England : with the lives of all the kings and queens thereof; from the earliest account of time, to the death of His late Majesty King William III. Containing a faithful relation of all affairs of state, ecclesiastical and civil

Notes and queries

The history of Great Britain : from the first invasion by the Romans under Julius Caesar. Written on a new plan; v. 09

The imperial gazetteer of England and Wales : embracing recent changes in counties, dioceses, parishes, and boroughs; general statistics; postal arrangements; railway systems, &c.; and forming a complete description of the country, Vol. 4

The royal families of England, Scotland, And Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects V. 1

The history of the reformation of the Church of England : with the collection of records, and a copious index

... History of Seneca Co., New York, with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, palatial residences, public building ... and important manufactories ..

York state tradition - v. 22, no. 4 (Fall 1968)

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