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The Herts genealogist and antiquary

Genealogy of the Hibbard family : who are descendants of Robert Hibbard of Salem, Massachusetts

Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Edward II, Vol. 1

Nonconformity in Herts. : being lectures upon the nonconforming worthies of St. Albans, and memorials of puritanism and nonconformity in all the parishes of the county of Hertford

Annual report of the city of St. Albans, Vermont, for the fiscal year ended ..

Report on the manuscripts of Allan George Finch, Esq., of Burley-on-the-Hill, Rutland

The dictionary of national biography : from the earliest times to 1900; v. 20

The Herts genealogists and antiquary, Vol. 2

The Herts genealogist and antiquary

Revised roster of Vermont volunteers : and lists of Vermonters who served in the army and navy of the United States during the War of the Rebellion, 1861-66

The Herts genealogist and antiquary, Vol. 1

The Herts genealogist and antiquary

The Herts genealogist and antiquary, Vol. 3

The rising in East Anglia in 1381; with an appendix containing the Suffolk poll tax lists for that year

Hartford times : genealogical queries and answers, 1918-1966 - 1955

Middlesex parish registers, marriages. V. 6

Obituary prior to 1800 (as far as relates to England, Scotland, and Ireland)

The register of Edmund Stafford, (A. D. 1395-1419) : an index and abstract of its contents

The Kelloggs in the Old world and the New

The hereditary sheriffs of Galloway ; their "forebears" and friends, their courts and customs of their times, with notes of the early history, ecclesiastical legends, the baronage and place-names of the province

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