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Biographical directory of the railway officials of America for 1887 : a record of the railway service of the principal officers of American railways ; a supplement giving recent changes and appointments; an alphabetical list of all general and

The biographical directory of the railway officials of America - 1893

Technology's war record : an interpretation of the contribution made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, its staff, its former students and its undergraduates to the cause of the United States and the allied powers in the Great War, 1914-1919

Annual reports of the town officers of Greenfield, N.H., for the year ending 1900-1909

Harvard's military records in the world war

The biographical directory of the railway officials of America

New England Merchantile Union business directory for, 1849 : containing an almanac for 1849, ... a business directory for New England; name, location ... of manufacturing establishments, professional men ... advertising register ... of New York

Deed book "A", 1845-1857, Panola County, Texas

Records of Louisiana Confederate soldiers and Louisiana Confederate commands. V. 3 Bk. 2

Powell's records of living officers of the United States Army

History of Norfolk County, Virginia, and representative citizens

Annual publication of the Historical Society of Southern California and Pioneer register, Los Angeles

Annual report, 1933

The biographical directory of the railway officials of America - 1901

The Wilderness Trail : or, The ventures and adventures of the Pennsylvania traders on the Allegheny Path: with some new annals of the Old West, and the records of some strong men and some bad ones. V. 1

The new annual army lists

History of middle Tennessee, or, Life and times of Gen. James Robertson

Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society - v. 11 (1909-1910)

The genealogy of the Steiner family, especially of the descendants of Jacob Steiner

The war book of Upper Canada College, Toronto

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