July Aff in Genealogy Books

July Aff appears in at least 34 genealogy books

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Genealogical material in Oregon donation land claims, Vol. 2

Little Saxham parish registers : baptisms, marriages and burials, with appendices, biographies &c. 1559 to 1850, Vol. 5

The registers of St. Benet and St. Peter, Paul's Wharf, London, 1607-1837; Vol. 41

The registers of Ingram, in the county of Northumberland : baptisms, 1696-1812, marriages, 1684-1812, burials, 1682-1812

Handbook of federal Indian law, with reference tables and index

The parish register of Great and Little Wigborough, in the county of Essex

The registers of Beer Hackett, Dorset. From 1549 to 1812

Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia (1619-1776). V. 2

Shotley parish registers, 1571 to 1850. : With all tombstone inscriptions in church and churchyard.; No. 16

The parish register of Shilling Ockford, commonly called Shillingston, in the county of Dorset, from the year A.D. 1654 to the year

Genealogical material in Oregon donation land claims, Vol. 3

Register of the University of Oxford, vol. 2 pt 1

Shropshire parish registers : Lichfield Diocese; Vol. 14

Shropshire Parish registers

Biographic register - May 1, 1960

History of the McClanahan surname

The personal government of Charles I, a history of England from the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham to the Declaration of the Judges on ship-money, 1628-1637

Minnie L. Flemming genealogy collection : Gould, Grisell, Hendricks, Ivins

U. S. Army register - v. 1

Hampshire allegations for marriage licences granted by the Bishop of Winchester, 1689 to 1837

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