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The artilleryman : the experiences and impressions of an American artillery regiment in the world war. 129th F.A., 1917-1919

The Edward Pleasants Valentine papers : abstracts of records in the local and general archives of Virginia relating to the families of Allen, Bacon, Ballard, Batchelder, Blouet, Brassieur (Brashear), Cary, Crenshaw, Dabney, Exum.., Vol. 2

Kingston upon Hull & district military monumental inscriptions

Province and court records of Maine; v. 3

The Baxter manuscripts, Vol. 11

The New York supplement with key-number annotations : containing the decisions of the Supereme and lower courts of record of New York stateā€¦, Vol. 33

Polk's Ottumwa (Wapello County, Iowa) city directory - 1969

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey; Vol. 14

Abstract of title : [Lake County, Indiana]; Vol. 611

Some account of American newspapers, particularly of the eighteenth century, and libraries in which they may be found, part I, Alabama, Maryland : extracts from American newspapers, relating to New Jersey, vol. I, 1704-1739

The National dean's list - 3rd ed. (1979/80)

Documents relating to the revolutionary history of the state of New Jersey - Ser. 1 v. 14 (1890)

Acushnet centennial : Acushnet, Massachusetts, "Land of the Cushenas" 1860-1960

Abstract of title : [Lake County, Indiana], Vol. 287

Records of the Suffolk county court, 1671-1680; vol. 1

The Colonial records of North Carolina : published under the supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the General Assembly. V. 01

The early records of the town of Providence, Vol. 17

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society

A history of the town of Dunstable, Massachusetts, from its earliest settlement to the year of Our Lord, 1873

Diary of Joshua Hempstead of New London, Connecticut : covering a period of forty-seven years, from September 1711 to November 1758

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