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A genealogical account of the descendants of James Young, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, and Rachel Cruickshank, his wife, 1697-1893 : with notes as to many of the families with which they are connected

Scottish notes and queries

Short memoir of James Young, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, and Rachel Cruickshank, his spouse, and of their descendants : with an appendix containing notices as to the connections by marriage



The Court guide and royal blue book of Scotland : a fashionable record, professional register, and general survey

An index of hereditary English, Scottish, and Irish titles of honour

History of the parish of Banchory-Devenick

A List of works in the New York Public library relating to Scotland

Inverurie and the earldom of the Garioch : a topographical and historical account of the Garioch, from the earliest times to the Revolution settlement, with a genealogical appendix of Garioch families flourishing at the period of the Revolution

Memorials of the family of Forbes of Forbesfield : with notes on connected Morgans, Duncans and Fergisons

Directory to gentlemen's seats, villages &c. in Scotland: giving the counties in which they are situated - the post-towns to which each is attached - and the name of the resident

The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ..

The Scottish nation, or the surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland, Vol. 2

Commonwealth of Australia, electoral roll, Part 79

Kelly's handbook of distinguished people

Complete baronetage, 1611-1880. V. 2

The family of Burnett of Leys, with colateral branches : from the mss. of the late George Burnett

The Scottish nation; or, The historical and genealogical account of all Scottish families and surnames

Scottish notes and queries

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