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Calendar of wills on file and recorded in the offices of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany and of the Secretary of State, 1626-1836

American ancestry : giving the name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D., 1776. V. 01

Surname index (Soundex) files; Hoa-Jur

The descendants of James Cole of Plymouth, 1633 : also a record of the famiies of Lieutenant Thomas Burnham of Ipswich, 1635; Lieutenant Edward Winship of Cambridge, 1635; and Simon Huntington of Norwich, England, 1635 : with a complete record

Family Records of Casper Jacobse Halenbeck

Michael Treece (1749-1808) of Pennsylvania & Ohio and his descendants

Revised history of Harlem (city of New York), origin and early annals, prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands, or notices of its founders before emigration : also sketches of numerous families and the recovered history of the land-titles

The Chicago city directory for 1902

Commonwealth of Australia, electoral roll, Part 112

The New York State business directory, containing the names, business and address of all merchants, manufacturers, and professional men throughout the state

Surname index (Soundex) files; Rai-Sto

Surname index : for Bogardus in New York (soundex code B263); Vol. 01

History of the descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass.

The Manifesto Church, records of the Church in Brattle Square, Boston, with lists of communicants, baptisms, marriages, and funerals, 1699-1872

The Annapolis Valley Whitmans

A History of the County of Westchester, from its first settlement to the present time, Vol. 2

Genealogies of the State of New York : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation, vol. 2

Polk's Indiana State gazetteer and business directory

History of the descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Massachusetts

Polk's Indiana State gazetteer and business directory

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