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The metrical chronicle of Robert of Gloucester

Notes on the churches of Derbyshire

Calendar of the freeman of Norwich from 1317 to 1603 : Edward II to Elizabeth inclusive

Surrey etymologies: Tandridge Hundred, pt. 2, Oxted

Robert John Young and Daisie Frances Denton : ancestral notes and some of their descendants

The descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of "Barford", Lancaster County, Virginia, 1652-1912; with genealogical notes of many of the allied families

Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Richard II, Vol. 1. 1377-1381

The royal lineage of our noble and gentle families together with their paternal ancestry

The royal families of England, Scotland, And Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects V. 1

Comprehensive gazetter of England and Wales

Calendar of state papers and manuscripts, relating to English affairs existing in the archives and collection of Venice, and in other libraries of northern Italy

The memorial history of Boston, including Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 1630-1880, in four volumes v. 4

An essay towards a topographical history of the county of Norfolk : containing a description of the towns, villages, and hamlets, with the foundations of monasteries, churches, chapels, chantries, and other religious buildings ..

Les familles d'outre-mer

Kelly's directory of the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex : 9with coloured maps)

The descendants of Captain Thomas Carter of "Barford", Lancaster County, Virginia, 1652-1912 : with genealogical notes of many of the allied families

The Historians' history of the world : a comprehensive narrative of the rise and development of nations as recorded by over two thousand of the great writers of all ages, vol. 25

Middlesex county records. V. 4

County families of Lancashire & Cheshire

Historical notices and records of the village and parish of Fincham, in the county of Norfolk

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