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The Post Office directory of Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight; Wiltshire & Dorsetshire

History, gazetteer and directory of the county of Hampshire : including the Isle of Wight...

Directory of Leeds, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Holmfirth, Batley ... : and all the parishes and villages in and near those populous districts of the west riding, forming the great seats of the woollen manufacture, being part 1 of the clothing district directory; 1866

Directory, history, & gazetteer, of the counties of Oxon, Berks, & Bucks : with an historical and descriptive account of every town, village, and hamlet, accompanied by a map of each county prepared expressly for this work, 1863

Kelly's directory of Kent, Surrey & Sussex : 1890, pt. 3

Morris & Co's commercial directory & gazetteer of Lincolnshire

Post Office directory of Monmouthshire and the principal towns and places in South Wales : with maps engraved expressly for the work

History, topography, and directory of Northamptonshire : comprising a general survey of the county, and history of the city and diocese of Peterborough, with separate historical, statistical, and descriptive sketches of all the towns, boroughs, parishes, villages, chapelries, hundreds and manors

The Postal and commercial alphabetical directory of Suffolk : with Newmarket, partly in Cambridgeshire, 1864

An index to the wills and inventories now preserved in the court of probate at Chester, from A.D. 1545 to 1760, [1660-1680]

The county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland : containing a brief notice of the descent, birth, marriage, education and appointments of each person, 1886

History, gazetteer and directory of Suffolk : comprising a general survey of the county, and separate historical, statistical and topographical descriptions ...

Belfast and Ulster directory , Vol. 1

Visitation of England and Wales, notes, Vol. 9

Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Henry VI, Vol. 3. 1435-1441

Adair's Belfast directory

Patent rolls of the reign of Henry III preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. 5. 1258-1266

Who's who and what's what in Barnwell, South Carolina : spring of 1959

Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Philip and Mary, Vol. 4. 1557-1558

Cassell's old and new Edinburgh : its history, its people, and its places, V. 2

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