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Helen Adamson appears in at least 19 genealogy books

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The Scottish antiquary, or, Northern notes & queries

Commonwealth of Australia, electoral roll

The Scottish antiquary; or, Northern notes & queries

Life stories of foreign missionaries of the Free Methodist Church : supported by the Young People's Missionary Society, 1931-1935

Family records


A genealogical account of the descendants of James Young, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, and Rachel Cruickshank, his wife, 1697-1893 : with notes as to many of the families with which they are connected

Prouty (Proute) genealogy

Lieutenant William Barton of Morris County, New Jersey, and his descendants

History of the landed gentry : of Great Britain & Ireland

Kettenring family

The Ruddimans in Scotland : their history and works

The Commissariot record of Edinburgh. Register of testaments, 1514-1600, Vol. 16

The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh, 1595-1700

Index to Oregon donation land claims, Vol. 2

Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry : including American families with British ancestry, founded 1837 by Sir Bernard Burke, illustrated with heraldic colour plates, vol. 2

Pioneers and prominent men of Utah : comprising photographs, genealogies, biographies

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) city directory

Genealogical material in Oregon donation land claims, Vol. 2

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