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History of Hastings castle : the castlery, rape and battle of Hastings, to which is added a history of the collegiate church within the castle, and its prebends

Among the Scotch-Irish: and a tour in seven countries, in Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Italy; with history of Dinsmoor family

Dictionary of dates, and universal reference, relating to all ages and nations; comprehending every remarkable occurrence ancient and modern ... the origin and advance of human arts and inventions, with copious details of England, Scotland, and Ireland; the whole comprehending a body of information, classical, political and domestic, from the earliest accounts to the present time

The county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland : containing a brief notice of the descent, birth, marriage, education and appointments of each person, his heir apparent or presumptive, as also a record of the offices which he has hitherto held, together with his town address and country residences

Surname book and racial history

The comprehensive history of England : civil and military, religious, intellectual, and social, from the earliest period to the suppression of the Sepoy revolt

The records of the Morris family

Recollections with reflections : a memoir of a Scottish soldier family in Ireland from the seventeenth century

Ancestors and descendants of Phineas and Polly Gage Dunsmoor who came to Washington County, Ohio in 1822

A biographical history of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution : consisting of characters disposed in different classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue of engraved British heads: intended as an essay towards reducing our biography to system, and a help to the knowledge of portraits: interspersed with a variety of anecdotes, and memoirs of a great number of persons, not to be found in any other bio-graphical work

Genealogical and personal history of western Pennsylvania. V. 1

White family quarterly

Johnston's Detroit directory and business advertiser for 1853-4 : containing the census of the city for 1853, several interesting statistical data, the business cards of the principal merchants and others : together wth an extensive variety of


Genealogical and personal history of western Pennsylvania. V. 2

Memoir of Joseph Smith of South Holme, late of Huggate and Riseborough, Wesleyan local preacher : with records from his diary, together with speeches and sermons from 1823 to 1898

Whitaker's peerage, baronetage, knightage, and companionage

The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ..

Angier family : taken from Essex Review, April, 1897

Memoir and genealogy of the Maryland and Pennsyslvanian family of Mayer which originated in the free imperial city of Ulm, W├╝rtemberg: 1495-1878

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