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Franklin Adrian appears in at least 31 genealogy books

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Herrick genealogical register : a genealogical register of the name and family of Herrick from the settlement of Henerie Hericke, in Salem, Massachusetts, vol. 3

Comprehensive index, 1875-1930, to collections, biennial reports, and publications of the Kansas State Historical Society

Record of Pennsylvania volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898

Williams' Cincinnati directory, city guide and business mirror

The Chidester-Chichester heritage

The life and times of Reverend John Corbly and the John Corbly family genealogy

The genealogy and history of the Guild, Guile, and Gile family

The descendants of Luman Andros Shurtliff

Frances Holbert Westerman : her ancestors and descendants

Boston, Massachusetts, city directory

The American Baptist magazine - v. 44, no. 8 (Aug. 1864)

The life and times of Reverend John Corbly : and the John Corbly family genealogy

The Cherokee land lottery, containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate drawers in said lottery, with an engraved map of each district. By James F. Smith

A history of Washington County, Maryland, from the earliest settlements to the present time : including a history of Hagerstown; to this is added a biographical record of representative families prepared from data obtained from original sources, Vol. 2

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) city directory

Michigan historical collections. V. 14

American quarterly register

Michigan historical collections. V. 18

Louisiana descendants of Simon Aycock, 1760-1976

The Missionary herald - v. 56

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