Franklin Adopted in Genealogy Books

Franklin Adopted appears in at least 9 genealogy books

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A brief summary of the ancestors and descendants of Frances Ellen Sweetser White, 1851-1925

Robert Wilkin (1766-1835) and Mary (Hyde) Wilkin, their parents and descendants : a genealogy

Annual report of the Board of Education : together with the ... Annual report of the Commissioner of Public Schools of Rhode Island ..

History of the McClanahan surname

Annual reports of the Town of Hudson

Great events in the history of North and South America : from the alleged discovery of the continent by the Northmen in the tenth century, to the present time

Newark Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, Ohio : Licking County, vol. 1

Buck history and genealogy : embracing the traditional and comprehensive genealogical history of the Buck family in Europe and America, with the relative branches of the Baldwins, Bostwicks, Bushes, Meads, Northups, Paines, Stoddards, Vialls, W

Old Eliot : a monthly magazine of the history and biography of the Upper Parish of Kittery, now Eliot

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