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The life of Francis Daniel Pastorius, the founder of Germantown, illustrated with ninety photographic reproductions

Descendants of Johan Frederick Brotzman and Maria Barbara Brotzman : who arrived in America with their family October 28, 1738, on the ship Bilander Thistle

Pennsylvania archives. Third series V.30

The Scots peerage : founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's peerage of Scotland, containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom, with armorial illustrations, Vol. 9

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 28

Living descendants of blood royal; v. 1

History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania : including its early settlement and progress to the present time; a description of its historic and interesting localities; its cities, towns and villages; religious, educational, social and military h, Vol. 2

Trow's general directory of the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx, city of New York

Visitation of England and Wales, notes, Vol. 4

Lineage book of the charter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 039

The abridged compendium of American genealogy : first families of America : a genealogical encyclopedia of the United States

Index of names : History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties : with illustrations and biographical sketches

New York City directory - 1842-1843

The registers of the parish of Wandsworth in the county of Surrey, 1603-1787

The visitation of Shropshire, taken in the year 1623, Part 1

Lineage book V. 39

Remains, historical & literary, connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester. General index, vols. 31-114

Belfast and Ulster directory , Vol. 1

Index to Tennessee Confederate pension applications

A contribution to the history, biography and genealogy of the families named Sole, Solly, Soule, Sowle, Soulis, with other forms of spelling : from the eighth century to the present, with notes on collateral families, both foreign and American; Vol. 2

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