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Les noms de famille suisses = Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz = I nomi di famiglia svizzeri; Vol. 1

The National dean's list - 3rd ed. (1979/80)

Allgemeines Englisch-Deutsches und Deutsch-Englisches W?rterbuch

The National dean's list - 10th ed., v. 1 (1986/87)

Kansas City, Kansas, city directory - 1954

Cavan co Ireland 1841 census

Index to the Ulysses S. Grant papers

Barclay's Universal dictionary; containing an explanation of difficult words and technical terms, in all faculties and professions ... Also a pronouncing dictionary ... The origin of each word ... An epitome of the history of England ... A description of the various states, provinces, and chief towns of the known world; a statement of the sects and divisions of the Christian Church; together with a brief history of the prophets and apostles; an account of the counties, cities, and market towns in Great Britain, with their distances from London; and a collection of our most common proverbs. To which are added, a chronological series of remarkable events ... a sketch of the constitution, government, and trade of Great Britain, with a brief list of some of the most eminent men of learning and genius; to which are prefixed, a free inquiry into the antiquity of letters; a short essay on the origin and antiquity of the English tongue; and an easy introduction to English grammar

Almanach de Gotha

My genealogy, vol. 8

Biographic register - May 1, 1960

Proben des hohen Teütschen Reichs Adels, oder, Sammlungen alter Denkmäler, Grabsteinen, Wappen, Inn- und Urschriften, u: d: nach ihrem wahren Urbilde aufgenommen unter offener Treüe bewähret und durch Anenbäume auch sonstige Nachrichten erkläret und erläuteret

The Mortality schedule of the territory of Kansas, 1860 : June 1, 1859 to May 31, 1860

From rags to riches

Early church records of Rev. John Langhorn and Rev. Robert McDowall, Vol. 2

Register of graduates and former cadets of the United States Military Academy

A history of the English Baptists : including an investigation of the history of baptism in England ..

Records of the Lumleys of Lumley castle

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