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The register of estates of Lancashire papists, 1717-1788, Vol. 117

Repertorium ecclesiasticum parochiale londinense an ecclesiastical parochial history of the diocese of London : containing an account of the bishops of that sea, from the first foundation thereof …, Vol. 1


The hundred of Launditch and deanery of Brisley in the county of Norfolk : evidences and topographical notes from public records, heralds visitations, wills, court rolls … Part 2

A hand book of Virginia : information for the homeseeker and investor

The place-names of Decies

Notes and queries

Field genealogy; being the record of all the Field family in America, whose ancestors were in this country prior to 1700. Emigrant ancestors located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia. All descendants of the Fields of England, whose ancestor, Hurbutus de la Field, was from Alsace-Lorraine

Records of the Cust family of Pinchbeck, Stamford and Belton in Lincolnshire

The early records of the town of Providence, v. I-XXI v. 3

Hertford County records

First-[fifth] report of the Record Commisssioners relative to the early town records

Notes and queries

The Publications of the Thoresby Society : miscellanea -; v. 12

The early records of the town of Providence, v. I-XXI ...


Documents of the Gunning family

A history of Cumberland

Cheshire inquisitions post mortem. Stuart period, 1603-1660; Vol. 86


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