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Pennsylvania archives. Second series. V. 08

The Parish register of Giggleswick. 1558-1669

Yorkshire fines for the Stuart period, Vol. 1

Registers of St. Chad, 1616-1812, [Vol. 2]

Pennsylvania archives. Second series : printed under direction of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Series 2 Vol 4

The parish registers of Snaith, Co. York; pt. 01

Index to Lycoming County history by Meginnes, 1892, and the reprint of the same by Lycoming Historical Society, 1974

Shropshire Parish registers

Tuttle - Tuthill lines in America

The registers of Ingram, in the county of Northumberland : baptisms, 1696-1812, marriages, 1684-1812, burials, 1682-1812

Boyd's marriage index, Yorkshire, Vol. 1

The parish register of Sheffield in the county of York. V. 4

Calendar of marriage licences issued by the Faculty office, 1632-1714

Our Kin : being a history of the Hoffman, Rhyne, Costner, Rudisill, Best, Hover, Hoyle, Wills, Shetley, Jenkins, Holland, Hambright, Gaston, Withers, Cansler, Clemmer and Lineberger families

The registers of Clunbury, Shropshire. 1574-1812

The registers of Bothal with Hebburn (Hebburn), in the county of Northumberland : baptisms, 1680-1812, marriages, 1680-1812, and burials, 1680-1812; Vol. 05

The registers of Ryton, in the county of Durham : marriages, 1581-1812; Vol. 6



Ely Episcopal records : a calendar and concise view of the Episcopal records preserved in the muniment room of the palace at Ely

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