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U. S. Army register - v. 1 (1959)

The Montanan - 1960

U. S. Army register - v. 1

Cambridgeshire parish registers, marriages. Index

The Montanan - 1961

American newspapers, 1821-1936 : a union list of files available in the United States and Canada

The Montanan - 1959

Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky, no. 82, Meade County (Brandenburg)

Calendar of marriage licences issued by the Faculty office, 1632-1714

The history, civil, political & military, of the Southern Rebellion : from its incipient stages to its close ... Vol.2

A calendar of wills relating to the counties of Northampton and Rutland : proved in the Court of the Archdeacon of Northampton, 1510 to 1652;

The National dean's list - 10th ed., v. 1 (1986/87)

Annual reports of officers and committees of the town of Leyden, Massachusetts for the year ending ..

John Drown of Marietta, Ohio, and his descendants

Savitar - 1964

Spotsylvania County records, 1721-1800 : being transcriptions, from the original files at the county court house, of wills, deeds, administrators' and guardians' bonds, marriage licenses, and lists of revolutionary pensioners

A calendar of wills proved in the consistory court of the Bishop of Gloucester : with an appendix of dispersed wills and wills proved in the peculiar courts of Bibury and Bishop's Cleave. With indices nominum et locorum

Genealogical abstracts of Parry wills, proved in the Prerogative court of Canterbury down to 1810 with the administrations for the same period

The National dean's list - 8th ed., v. 1 (1984/85)

Svenska sla?ktkalendern

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