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The story of the house of Lancaster

Cross index of Ancestral roots of sixty American colonists and supplement by Fredrick Weiss [sic] : contains all maternal lines as well as seventy-one descent charts

The royal lineage of our noble and gentle families : together with their paternal ancestry, 1887, Vol. 1

The complete peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, extant, extinct, or dormant, Vol. 1

Ancestral roots of sixty colonists who came to New England between 1623 and 1650 : the lineage of Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong, and some of their descendants

The official baronage of England, showing the succession, dignitaries, and offices of every peer from 1066 to 1885 : with sixteen hundred illustrations, Vol. 1

Henry Duke, councilor, his descendents and connections, comprising partial records of many allied families

The royal families of England, Scotland, And Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects V. 1

From whence we came : a genealogy

John Davis [and] his wife, Dorothea (Gotherson) Davis, early Salem County, N.J. Quakers : and some of their descendants (including Samuel Morgan and John Brick lines), royal and Magna Carta ancestors

The house of Howard : with 32 full-page illustrations and 2 photogravure plates v. 1

The Wallop family and their ancestry, Vol. 3

Debrett's peerage, baronetage, knightage and companionage : comprises information concerning persons bearing hereditary or courtesy titles, privy councillors, knights, companions of the varioius orders, and the collateral branches of peers and

American biography : a new cyclopedia, Vol. 45

A topographical history of Surrey

Testamenta vetusta: being illustrations from wills, of manners, customs, &c. as well as of the descents and possessions of many distinguished families. From the reign of Henry the Second to the accession of Queen Elizabeth;

The royal families of England, Scotland, And Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects V. 2

The Lancashire Hollands

The history of England : written in French

Dod's peerage, baronetage and knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for ..., including all the titled classes

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