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The County of Kincardine

Inverurie and the earldom of the Garioch : a topographical and historical account of the Garioch, from the earliest times to the Revolution settlement, with a genealogical appendix of Garioch families flourishing at the period of the Revolution

The New statistical account of Scotland, Series 2, Vol. 11. Forfar, Kincardine

A history of the Highlands and of the Highland clans

Charters and other writs illustrating the history of the royal burgh of Aberdeen, MCLXXI-MDCCCIV;

A history of the highlands and of the highland clans, Vol. 1

A genealogical history of the Earldom of Sutherland : from its origin to the year 1630-with a continuation to the year 1651 by Gilbert Gordon

The Court guide and royal blue book of Scotland : a fashionable record, professional register, and general survey

Charters and other writs illustrating the history of the Royal Burgh of Aberdeen, 1171-1804

A history of the Highlands and of the Highland clans : with an extensive selection from the hitherto inedited Stuart Papers

The National gazetteer : a topographical dictionary of the British Islands compiled from the latest and best sources and illustrated with a complete county atlas and numerous maps

The family of Burnett of Leys, with colateral branches : from the mss. of the late George Burnett

Short memoir of James Young, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, and Rachel Cruickshank, his spouse, and of their descendants : with an appendix containing notices as to the connections by marriage

History of the Scottish Highlands : Highland clans and Highland regiments, with an account of the Gaelic language, literature, and music

The Gazetteer of Scotland

Publications of the Scottish History Society

The memoirs of James, marquis of Montrose, 1639-1650

History of Scots affairs, from MDCXXXVII to MDCXLI

The imperial gazetteer : a general dictionary of geography, physical, political, statistical, and descriptive, Vol. 2

The Topographical, statistical, and historical gazetteer of Scotland, Vol. 1

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