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Historical encyclopedia of Illinois, Vol. 2 Part 2

Proceedings of the provincial court of Maryland 1681-1683

Proceedings of the provincial court of Maryland 1679-1680/1

The official directory and law register for the United States : for the year 1866: containing the names and places of residence of all lawyers in the United States and Territories, and designating who are practising, who have retired from pract

A history of private bill legislation

The handy book for genealogists : United States of America

Chetham miscellanies

The history of Erie County, Pennsylvania

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire : Proceedings and papers; Vol. 1

Genealogical and personal history of northern Pennsylvania v. 2

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, revised edition

General alumni catalogue of George Washington University, chartered by Congress; the Columbian College, act of Congress, approved Feb. 9, 182l; the Columbian University, act of Congress, approved March 3, 1873; the George Washington University, act of Congress, approved Jan. 23, 1904

Saint Wilfrid at Hexham

Newspaper notices of Mississippians, 1820-1860

Fairbairn's book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland

Sandifer : lines of John D. Sandifer (c1783-1854), Johnson P. Sandifer (c1796- 1866), Joseph Sandifer (1800-1871), Joshua A. Sandifer (1797-1882), Peter Sandifer (1771-1844), William Nightingale Sandifer (?by1760- 1850), William Y. Sandifer (17, Vol. 1

History of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana

Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia - v. 3 (1888-1891)

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and its centennial celebration v. 2

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