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Conn Agr appears in at least 17 genealogy books

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Who's who in America - 40th ed v. 1 (1978-1979)

The Alumni record of the University of Illinois : including historical sketch and annals of the university, and biographical data regarding members of the faculties and the boards of trustees

Who's who in America - v. 8 (1914-1915)

Harvard University directory : a catalogue of men now living who have been enrolled as students in the university

Hathaways of America

Harvard alumni directory : a catalogue of former students now living: including graduates and non-g raduate, and the holders of honorary degrees

Who's who in America, v. 10 (1918-1919)

Register and manual; 1961

Harvard University directory

Who's who at Wisconsin : prominent faculty members, alumni, students and University activities

American women; the standard biographical dictionary of notable women

General alumni catalogue of George Washington University, chartered by Congress; the Columbian College, act of Congress, approved Feb. 9, 182l; the Columbian University, act of Congress, approved March 3, 1873; the George Washington University, act of Congress, approved Jan. 23, 1904

Official army register - 1930

The abridged compendium of American genealogy : first families of America : a genealogical encyclopedia of the United States

Handbook of American genealogy; v. 4

The Handbook of American genealogy, Vol. 4

Biographical records of the men of Lafayette, 1832-1948

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