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Conn Adkins appears in at least 19 genealogy books

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Index of Revolutionary War pension applications; Vol.01

Vital records of Granville, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

Price & Lee's Meriden city directory - 1965

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

The Treat family : a genealogy of Trott, Tratt and Treat for fifteen generations and four hundred and fifty years in England and America; containing more than fifteen hundred families in America...

History of the Kimball family in America, from 1634 to 1897 : and of its ancestors the Kemballs or Kemboldes of England, with an account of the Kembles of Boston, Massachusetts

Genealogy of the descendants of John Deming of Wethersfield, Connecticut : with historical notes

The compendium of American genealogy : the standard genealogical encyclopedia of the first families of America.; Vol. 4

The National dean's list - 3rd ed. (1979/80)

Genealogy of the Crane family : descendants of Henry Crane of Wethersfield and Guilford, Conn., with sketch of the family in England; Vol. 01

Index to American genealogies : and to genealogical material contained in all works, such as town histories, county histories, local histories, historical society publications, biographies, historical periodicals and kindred works

Genealogies of the town of Stratford, Connecticut

Annals and family records of Winchester, Conn. : with exercises of the centennial celebration on the 16th and 17th days of August, 1871

Seventeenth century colonial ancestors of members of the National Society Colonial Dames XVII century, 1915-1975

Bibliographia genealogica americana : an alphabetical index to American genealogies and pedigrees contained in state, county and town histories, printed genealogies, and kindred works

A history of the old town of Stratford and the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut v. 2

The Hartford Times genealogical queries, answers, and note file, Vol. 26, B7941-B8299

The New England business directory and gazetteer

Honor roll of Litchfield County Revolutionary soldiers

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