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Les noms de famille suisses = Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz = I nomi di famiglia svizzeri; Vol. 1

Collections of the New-York Genealogical and Biographical Society; Vol. 03

U. S. Army register - v. 1

Personal histories, ca. 1917, Vol. 2

Annuare général héraldique

Visitation of England and Wales, notes, Vol. 13

Records & historical sketches of residents of Davis County, Utah, Part 2, C-D

D. B. Cooke & Co's city directory for the year... : being a complete general and business directory ... a street and avenue directory, and an appendix ... - 1859-60

The life and times of Aaron Burr, Lieutenant-colonel in the army of the revolution, United States senator, vice-president of the United States, etc.

First Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne, Indiana trustees record : No. 1, Apr. 12, 1843 to Dec. 22, 1868

Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book iv): Casciato, Thomas - Conrad, Douglas William Alvin

The ancestors of Heman Hyde (1788-1869) and his wife Polly Wyman Tilton (1786-1862), Vol. 1

A history of the Galloway families of McCulloch

Index to birth records, Elkhart County, Indiana, city of Elkhart, 1882-1920 inclusive

Elsy McKinlay book of remembrance

Bible records from New Jersey's Monmouth County Historical Association Library, Vol. 10

Sources for a history of the Sparry family, vol. 1

Seattle (King County, Wash.) city directory : contains buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory - 1913

Biographical records of the men of Lafayette, 1832-1948

Boyd's marriage index, 1538-1837. Third series, Vol. 53

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