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The Spirit of missions

The Spirit of missions

The Spirit of missions

The price of Africa

The history of the Church Missionary Society [microform] : its environment, its men and its work

The Spirit of missions

The Catholic who's who and yearbook - 1952

The Spirit of missions

Inventory of the church archives of New Jersey : Presbyterians; Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., United Presbyterian Ch urch of North America

Cape Times South African directory

Western states obituaries : Salt Lake Tribune, September 1965 to December 1966

Darkness or light : studies in the history of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, illustrating the theory and practice of missions

The Genealogical magazine

History of the Theological seminary in Virginia and its historical background

Proceedings - Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society

The Indiana Presbyterian

Henry Callaway, M.D.,D.D., first bishop for Kaffraria: his life-history and work; a memoir

The American Baptist magazine - v. 62, no. 5 (May 1882)

Who's who in Tennessee : a reference edition recording the biographies of contemporary leaders in Tennessee with special emphasis on their achievements in making the volunteer state one of America's greatest

The Michael Miller family : descendants of David Miller (1750-1828), the descendants of Michael Miller, Sr. (1783-1855), with a preceding chapter of "background glimpses"

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