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Roger of Wendover's Flowers of history, Comprising the history of England from the descent of the Saxons to A.D. 1235; formerly ascribed to Matthew Paris

Souvenir city guide and official programme of the Knights Templar Grand Encampment of the United States of America, held in the city of St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 21, A.D. 1886

Edward the First

The church historians of England. Translated from the original Latin, with a pref. and notes by Joseph Stevenson

The History of freemasonry : its legends and traditions, its chronological history, Vol. 1

The pictorial history of England, being a history of the people, as well as a history of the kingdom ..

A history of the life of Richard Coeur-de-Lion, King of England

The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem; being a history of the English Hospitallers of St. John, their rise and progress

Notes and queries

A history of the Knights of Malta, or The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

The dictionary of national biography : from the earliest times to 1900; v. 16

Collections for a history of Staffordshire

The history of the reign of George III : To which is prefixed, a view of the progressive improvement of England, in prosperity and strength, to the accession of His Majesty. New ed., brought down to the death of the king

The family of Leete

An ecclesiastical history of Great Britain; chiefly of England, from the first planting of Christianity, to the end of the reign of King Charles the Second; with a brief account of the affairs of religion in Ireland. Collected from the best ancient historians, councils, and records

A popular history of England : from the earliest period to the Jubilee of Victoria, Queen and Empress, in the year 1887

The royal families of England, Scotland, And Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects V. 1

The book of history. A history of all nations from the earliest times to the present, with over 8,000 illustrations

History of England and the British Empire : a record of constitutional, naval, military, political and literary events from B.C. 55 to A.D. 1890

Martyrologia, or, Records of religious persecution : being a new and comprehensive book of martyrs, of ancient and modern times; v. 02

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