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Federal census of Choctaw County, Alabama for the year 1850

Union Parish, Louisiana, United States census of 1850

The Maury family tree : descendants of Mary Anne Fontaine (1690-1755) and Matthew Maury (1686- 1762) and others ; with additions and corrections

Who's who in the clergy, 1935-36

The Alabama genealogical register - v. 2, no. 2 (June 1960)

Baldwin genealogy, Vol. 2

Unpublished compilation of the Breedlove family lines

Baldwin genealogy, Vol. 1

U.S. census of 1850 for Pike County, Alabama

Who's who in America - 40th ed v. 1 (1978-1979)

The Alabama genealogical register - v. 3, no. 4 (Dec 1961)

Swafford/Swofford [family] census records

Hood County, Texas, United States census of 1880 and marriage records, 1875-1885

Southern relatives

Stanley and kindred families

The 1870 census and the 1880 census of San Saba County, Texas

1850 Census of Marshall Co., KY

U. S. Army register - v. 1 (1959)

U.S., Census of 1850, DeKalb County, Tennessee

1900 U. S. census of the Cherokee Indian Nation, Indian Territory; v. 01

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