Barbara Adopted in Genealogy Books

Barbara Adopted appears in at least 9 genealogy books

Here are the top genealogy books for Barbara Adopted

Brist, Thayer, Pinson, Smith, Vol. 1

John Smalley and his descendants in America, June 5, 1632 - January 1, 1960

Kettenring family

The ancestors of Bennie J. Siemens, vol. 8

Johann Schluentz family : [from Province Mecklenbert, Schwerin, Germany]; v. 02

Booher family history horizons

The Bordner and Burtner families : and their Bortner ancestors in America

Supplement to the "Genealogical record of the Dedham branch of the Avery family in America"

History and descendency : William Morton I, John Morton, Thomas Morton, Edward Morton

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