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Registers of Bradfield, in the diocese of York, 1559-1722

The parish register of Sessay, near Thirsk, 1600-1812

History of Randolph County, Indiana with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers : to which are appended maps of its several townships

Pennsylvania archives. Second series. V. 08

Proceedings of the ... annual session

North Country Diaries (second series)

Dod's peerage, baronetage and knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for ..., including all the titled classes

The parish register of Kensington, Co., Middlesex, from A.D. 1539-A.D. 1675; Vol. 16

Genealogy of the descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland : with records of a few allied families, also war records and some fragmentary notes pertaining to the history of Virginia, 1600-1902

The Publications of the Thoresby Society : miscellanea -; v. 20


Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Richard II, Vol. 5. 1391-1396

(The) registers of Beadnell, in the county of Northumberland. Baptisms, 1766-1812. Marriages, 1767-1781. Burials, 1766-1812

Allegations for marriage licences issued by the Bishop of London, 1520 to [1828]

Butleriana, genealogica et biographica : or genealogical notes concerning Mary Butler and her descendants, as well as the Bates, Harris, Sigourney and other families, with which they have intermarried

Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts v. 1

The registers of St. Margaret's (Durham) in the county of Durham; marriages, 1558-1812

The parish register of Kensington, Co. Middlesex, from A. D. 1539 to A. D. 1675

Colonial and revolutionary families of Pennsylvania : genealogical and personal memoirs; Vol. 02

The register of the parish of Settrington, 1559-1812

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