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Anthony Adamson appears in at least 14 genealogy books

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII

The registers of Kendall, Westmoreland, 1558-1631


The registers of the parish church of Rothwell, Co. York; pt. 02

Publications First Series

Marriage records : U.S. District Court, Central District, South McAlester, Indian Territory; book 09

Marriages of Benton County, Arkansas, Book E, 1895-1900

Depositions from the castle of York, relating to offenses committed in the northern counties in the seventeenth century

The Parish register of Lythe vol. 4-11 1754-1837; v. 4, v. 11

Merchant taylors' school register, 1871-1900

The Royalist composition papers, being the proceedings of the Committee for compounding, A. D. 1643-1660, so far as they relate to the county of Lancaster : extracted from the records preserved in the Public Record Office, London ?, Vol. 24

Pennsylvania archives. Second series : printed under direction of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Vol. 2

Ansearchin' news : The Tennessee genealogical magazine - v. 26, no. 1 Spring 1979

Pennsylvania archives. Second series. V. 02

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