Anthony Adam in Genealogy Books

Anthony Adam appears in at least 166 genealogy books

Here are the top genealogy books for Anthony Adam

The Chicago city directory for 1902

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 28

Pennsylvania archives. Third series V.30

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 29

History of Buffalo and Erie County, 1914-1919

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia

The Register of the Priory of St. Bees

Register of the Washington State Society, Sons of the American Revolution, June 17, 1895- April 19, 1916 :

Gazetteer and business directory of Onondaga County, N. Y., for 1868-9

Fort Wayne, Indiana, city directory

The Bowser Family History

Polk's Toledo city directory

Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, Pennsylvania

"Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series, Vol. 15, pt 2"

The Worcester house directory and family address book : a supplement to the Worcester directory

Calendar of the Greenwell deeds in the public reference library

Descendants of Johan Frederick Brotzman and Maria Barbara Brotzman : who arrived in America with their family October 28, 1738, on the ship Bilander Thistle

History of Decatur County, Indiana : its people, industries and institutions

Historical and biographical annals of Columbia and Montour counties, Pennsylvania : containing a concise history of the two counties and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families. V. 1

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