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Annie Addison appears in at least 48 genealogy books

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Forty-four families

The Gann gazette : a publication of the Gann Family Historical Society, Inc. - v. 4 , no. 1 Summer 1999

Kelly's handbook of distinguished people

Tate families of the south, Vol. 2

Alphabetical index of births, marriages and deaths, recorded in Providence..

The Chicago city directory for 1902

Ingalls inq v.02, no.1 - 3 ; The Ingalls inquirer (Mar. 1985 - Nov. 1985)

Visitation of England and Wales, Vol. 6

History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton counties, Pennsylvania : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its pioneers and prominent men.

The descendants of Job Atterbury

History of Bergen County, New Jersey, 1630-1923; Vol. 03

Family records

Lyon memorial

Sandifer : lines of John D. Sandifer (c1783-1854), Johnson P. Sandifer (c1796- 1866), Joseph Sandifer (1800-1871), Joshua A. Sandifer (1797-1882), Peter Sandifer (1771-1844), William Nightingale Sandifer (?by1760- 1850), William Y. Sandifer (17, Vol. 1

Marjorie Stewart Tucker genealogical collection : Descendants of William Byars (1735/45-1794/95)

Houston city directory

Strode and Stroud families in England and America, Vol. 1

A history of Texas and Texans. V.3

Personnel of the Texas state government : with sketches of representative men of Texas

History and genealogy of the Perley family

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