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Genealogical record of Nathaniel Babcock, Simeon Main, Issac Miner, Ezekiel Main

Vital record of Rhode Island : 1636-1850 : first series : births, marriages and deaths : a family register for the people

Genealogical record of Nathaniel Babcock, Simeon Main, Isaac Miner, Ezekiel Main

Vital records of Hallowell, Maine, to the year 1892; vol. 1

The Omohundro genealogical record, the Omohundros and allied families in America : blood lines traced from the first Omohundro in Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1670, through his descendants in three great branches and allied families down to 1

Genealogical record of the Hodges family of New England, ending December 31, 1894

A genealogy of the descendants of John May who came from England to Roxbury in America, 1640

The history of Peru, in the county of Oxford and state of Maine, from 1789 to 1911. Residents and genealogies of their families, also a part of Franklin plan

Woburn records of births, deaths, and marriages; v. 3 pt. 4

Genealogy of the descendants of William Chesebrough of Boston, Rehoboth, Massachusetts

The Choates in America, 1643-1896 : John Choat and his descendants, Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. ...

Vital records of Salem, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 v. 1

Brown genealogy

Peabody (Paybody, Pabody, Pabodie) genealogy

Arthur family, v.05 ; Arthur family newsletter

History of Royalton, Vermont, with family genealogies 1769-1911, Vol. 2

Barden genealogy

The Beaman and Clark genealogy : a history of the descendants of Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark of Rochester and Lancaster, Mass., 1635-1909

Genealogies of some old families of Concord, Massachusetts : and their descendants in part to the present generation

Thurston genealogies

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