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The Chicago city directory for 1902

Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, v. 5

Index to the obituaries and death notices appearing in the Dziennik Chicagoski, 1910-1919

Kettenring family

Scholl, Sholl, Shull genealogy, the colonial branches

Genealogy of the States family

Broad Bay descendants' correspondence : letters, research, documents -1990-2000 : relating to the history of Broad Bay (Waldoboro), Maine : the German colony of Broad Bay settled by Samuel Waldo, gent. 1742-1753; v. 06


Pennsylvania archives

The genealogical record of the Schwenkfelder families : seekers of religious liberty who fled from Silesia to Saxony and thence to Pennsylvania in the years 1731 to 1737. V. 2

Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series, Vol. 6

Doty-Doten family in America : descendants of Edward Doty, an emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620

Records of the Schwartzwald Church, Exeter Township Berks County, Pennsylvania 1781-1810

A History of the Lutheran Church in New Hanover, Montgomery County, Penna

Harman genealogy (southern branch) with biographical sketches, 1700-1924

Pennsylvania archives. Third series V.27

Forchungsauswahl aus den Familien- und Namenforschungen : für die familiengeschichtliche Abteilung des Stadtarchives Ludwigshafen

The book of names especially relating to the early Palatine and the first settlers in the Mohawk Valley

The Starin family in America : descendants of Nicholas Ster (Starin), one of the early settlers of Fort Orange (Albany, N.Y.)

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