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Index of wills, inventories, etc. in the office of the Secretary of State prior to 1901 v. 2

History of Kentucky V.1

Norwalk, Ohio, city directory

Norwalk, Ohio, city directory

Bryant's station and the memorial proceedings : held on its site under the auspices of the Lexington Chapter, D. A. R.

Savitar - 1963

Record of births and deaths amongst friends in Campbell and Bedford counties, taken from the Old Southriver Meeting Book

Wrigley's Alberta Directory - 1922 pt. 2

The Shearer-Akers family combined with the Bryan line through the seventh generation

Four states genealogist - v. 1, no. 3 = no. 3 (Apr 1969)

A history of Christian County, Kentucky, from oxcart to airplane

Galveston in nineteen hundred;

Record of the services of Illinois soldiers in the Black Hawk War, 1831- 32, and in the Mexican War, 1846-8 : containing a complete roster of commissioned officers and enlisted men of both wars, taken from the official rolls on file in the War

A Mooney genealogy and miscellany : with some allied lines

Kingsbury genealogy : the genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Kingsbury of Dedham, Massachusetts, together with the descendants in several lines of Henry Kingsbury of Ipswich, Massachusetts and our Canadian cousins

History of Shelby County, Kentucky

Debrett's peerage, baronetage, knightage and companionage : comprises information concerning persons bearing hereditary or courtesy titles, privy councillors, knights, companions of the varioius orders, and the collateral branches of peers and

A history of Cleveland and its environs: the heart of new Connecticut, Vol. 1

Pandora 1947, University of Georgia, v.60 yearbook :: edited by Mary Gray Moore.

"Marriage records of Johnson County, Missouri, Vol. 3"

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